We aim to make charging hassle-free, and free-of-charge!

We all know that feeling of being out with your friends and family at your favorite restaurant or café, when suddenly you realize your phone’s battery is dying! It suddenly becomes so much more difficult to have a great time with those around you, while trying not to worry about your loved ones not being able to reach you.

We’ve experienced this too many times and have created uCHARGE as a way to save everyone from those headaches of losing your connectivity. Our objective is to provide to you a reliable, efficient and convenient way for your to charge your phone, and spend more times enjoying your time out with those around you.



uCHARGE is a portable powerbank that we provide to restaurants in order allow customers the ability to charge their phone directly at their table! Our devices have built-in cables to charge both iPhone and Android phones but you can also bring your own cable to share the powerbank with your friends. uCHARGE is available in most of your favorite, cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels. Simply ask your waiter for a uCHARGE and let us take care of the rest.


Opportunity to reach potential new customers through a unique & game-changing medium

Offers a new, unobtrusive channel to interact directly with customers.

The best advert is one the consumer can engage with.

Varied portfolio of venues makes targeted demographic, geographic and seasonal campaigns effective